Collection of personal data within Protektoid Community application

By Using the Software, you potentially give us acess to personal data.

The complete description of our Privacy policy and our Terms and conditions are described in the Terms and conditions and the Protektoid Privacy pages.

However, please let us emphasis the following:

  1. Using personal data

    The Software collects personal information for the purposes of provision, development and personalization of the application, services and/or products, research and demographics, statistics and customer care. The Software collects personal information also for the purposes of personal communication with the user in order to respond to the user’s questions, and fulfill requests. Such information may include, among other information the user’s name, address, e-mail address. These data will be used to contact you for direct marketing purposes via mail or e-mail to conduct market research, and to inform you of and get your feedback on upcoming products, services and/or promotions. In case of product orders, service requirements or if sending any material to the Software, we might have to contact you in order to gain additional information necessary for processing or fulfillment of your orders and/or requirements.

    The Software processes personal information on our servers in many countries in the territory of the European Union.

  2. Requesting your personal data

    We collect 4 types of personal data

    • API usages, included anoymized IP addresses over /24 for IP addresses older than 10 day
    • Crash reports using our internal tool - please send us a request form to get personal data regarding this tool
    • Anonymous User data, including phone version - this data are de facto anonimyzed and phone metadata are encrypted
    • Authenticated User data - you can check the collected data at
  3. Third parties

    Except when technically required (such as Google account), we did all our best to get rid of external third parties that would collect any Personally identifiable information. You think we still have an unnecessary plugin? Feel free to contact us.